Connectivity is crucial in today’s digital age, especially in multi-dwelling units (MDUs) such as apartments, co-living spaces, and hotels. ISPs rely on Managed WiFi to ensure reliable internet services. This blog explores how Inventum’s Udaya Managed WiFi transforms ISP services in MDU deployments. Discover why Udaya stands out for service providers.

The Challenge: High-Density Connectivity in MDUs

Modern MDUs typically house 15 to 20 units per floor, making RF (Radio Frequency) optimization crucial. In these densely populated environments, achieving seamless connectivity poses challenges. Managed WiFi services resolve this by enhancing performance and improving user experience.

The Solution: Inventum’s Udaya Managed WiFi

What is Udaya Managed WiFi?

Udaya Managed WiFi is a solution designed for high-density environments. Based on the Open Wi-Fi standard, Udaya uses advanced technology to deliver seamless connectivity, efficient management, and enhanced security.

Key Features of Udaya Managed WiFi

  1. Open Wi-Fi Standard: Udaya is compliant with OpenWiFi. It works with third-party OEM Access Points using OpenWiFi firmware. This flexibility ensures ISPs can integrate and manage diverse hardware seamlessly.
  2. Centralized Cloud Controller: The Udaya cloud controller allows for centralized network management. This includes configuration, monitoring, captive portals, SMS sign-on, payment gateway interfaces, and analytics.
  3. Interoperability: Udaya Access Points (APs) work with other OpenWiFi platforms. This ensures broad compatibility and easy integration.
  4. Scalability: The platform scales effortlessly. It accommodates the growing needs of MDUs, co-living spaces, SMBs, enterprises, and public hotspots.
  5. Enhanced Security: Udaya employs a multi-layered security approach. This includes policy enforcement, content filtering, and compliance checks to protect the network infrastructure.

Why Udaya is the Best Choice for Service Providers

  • Quicker Provisioning: Udaya’s managed services enable ISPs to quickly provision internet services, crucial in MDUs to meet new residents’ demands promptly.
  • Efficient RF Optimization: Udaya’s technology optimizes RF performance, reducing interference and enhancing connectivity for a better user experience with fewer issues.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: By using the Open Wi-Fi standard and offering hardware interoperability, Udaya reduces ISPs’ total cost of ownership (TCO). This cost-effectiveness maximizes service providers’ ROI.
  • Comprehensive Management: The centralized cloud controller simplifies network management, allowing ISPs to oversee and maintain networks efficiently. Real-time monitoring and diagnostics promptly address any issues.
  • Broad Applicability: Udaya Managed WiFi serves beyond MDUs, deployed in co-living spaces, hotels, SMBs, enterprises, and public hotspots like airports, hospitals, campuses, and smart cities across India.

Real-World Applications and Success

Inventum’s Udaya solution is widely adopted by ISPs to provide managed WiFi services:

  • MDUs and Co-Living Spaces: Udaya ensures high-density connectivity, enhancing the seamless user experience.
  • Hospitality Segment: Udaya offers reliable, high-speed internet services to guests, ensuring their satisfaction.
  • SMBs and Enterprises: Udaya provides managed solutions that boost operational efficiency and enhance security.
  • Public Hotspots: Udaya deploys in airports, hospitals, campuses, and smart cities for public internet access.

Inventum’s Udaya Managed WiFi is a powerful solution for ISPs. It provides top-tier connectivity services in high-density environments. Moreover, with OpenWiFi compliance, centralized management, and robust security, Udaya addresses current challenges. Consequently, it paves the way for future advancements.

ISPs who adopt Udaya Managed WiFi provide subscribers with a seamless, secure, and scalable internet experience. Consequently, this enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ready to Transform Your Network?

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