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In recent years, Wi-Fi has evolved from a luxury to a basic necessity. But, for internet service providers, this proliferation has been a bitter-sweet experience. They have to not only maintain QoE for their users but also compete for market share. Hence, internet service providers need a platform that not only simplifies network management but also enables them for Wi-Fi monetization.

Udaya platform enables Internet service providers to monetize their WiFi services and simplifies their network management. Internet service providers can remotely customize everything – splash page, data allowance, Wi-Fi time allowance, SSID, and more.

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How it works?


Monetize your Wi-Fi

udaya provides a complete solution for internet service providers to launch, monitor, and control Wi-Fi services. You simply need to add Wi-Fi Access Points and an Internet connection to get your hotspot going. No technical knowledge required.

Bandwidth Management

You can easily manage your Wi-Fi bandwidth plan with udaya. You can set a speed limit per user, limit download volume, and ensure fair bandwidth distribution.

Secure Seamless Internet Connection

The user has the flexibility to choose an authentication system. When a user connects to Wi-Fi, a nice splash page with your logo will appear on their device. Users may select a preferred connection method, like Mobile OTP, social login, or Scratch Cards to start using Wi-Fi.

Awesome Analytics

A centralized dashboard showing connected users, their usage, audit, session logs, and more; helping to understand how users interact and move around your location. Analyze and segment data including, customer demographics, preferred devices, browsers, and operating systems, and much more.

Easly setup in minutes

Set udaya up in minutes. No ongoing work or up-keep required. Just need to name your network, register your access points and create user IDs for your customer. That’s it! Users can use the intuitive web interface or full-featured mobile app to manage their Wi-Fi infrastructure from anywhere. It works on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, and any platform (iOS, Android).

Making your brand stand out

Internet service providers can quickly create a standardized Wi-Fi Welcome Portal for members to engage with. You can redirect your users to offers, social media pages, App downloads, websites, or other promotional content for engagement optimization. Every connection will be recorded, and data provided in extensive analytics for better user understanding and marketing activities.

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