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Co-working and shared space has become very popular as space is limited in many countries. Several companies, startups and freelancers now sharing office space which allow cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructure such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist etc. Co-working space provide utilities such as Snacks, Access Control, Internet, Phone, Printer and Meeting Rooms. In utilities, Wi-Fi is the most common reason members leave their workspace. There is no doubt about it; poor Internet is a deal breaker.

udaya simplifies monitoring and management of your multi-location wireless network from a central location and helps to increase product and service visibility through customer centric advertisement, enhance customer base through deep customer engagement, and build brand value by recalling your brand again and again at customer front.

How it works?


Making the most of Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a quick and easy way to reach members. It gives Space Owners a centralized hub from which to promote their story to customers, to market the latest offers, and to provide other essential information about the space. Everyone who logs onto the Wi-Fi gets taken to the hub before being granted access to the Wi-Fi, giving the provider a captive audience with which to engage. Hence, with giving free/paid Wi-Fi, this portal could serve as a place to promote their business.

Bandwidth Management

Failing to set a bandwidth cap, leads to nonfunctional Wi-Fi. If data transfer is not controlled and limited, some customers may consume all your bandwidth, and leave other customers unable to connect or have decent browsing experience. Set time, speed, and data limits for users accessing your Wi-Fi.

Making a co-working brand stand out

Co-working providers can quickly create a standardized Wi-Fi Welcome Portal for members to engage with, irrespective of which co-working space they are visiting. If co-workers visit a different venue run by the same provider, the Wi-Fi network can recognize their device and automatically log them in, giving them a seamless experience irrespective of their location.

Understanding co-working habits

Co-working office providers need to ensure they’re using their office Wi-Fi to capture more meaningful information about their members, this can include no. of guest come-in, frequency of visits, repeat guest, usage pattern and generate insights that can be fed back into the marketing mix to further drive personalized promotions and triggered campaigns.

Location Analytics

Location Analytics garnered from Wi-Fi usage will give providers a view of which areas of the offices are used more frequently. Whether it’s the chairs, better conference phones or projection capabilities, site providers can then roll these elements out to other rooms and further afield to new co-working locations.

Customer Engagement

Can members who only spend short amounts of time in the co-working space be induced to stay longer by offering them special offers on food and drinks? How about spotting which members are returning less and less, and sending emails to them with a tailored incentive to return, such as lower prices on meeting rooms or the ability to invite business associates to join at a reduced rate?

Secure Seamless Internet Connection

We’ve found that most flexible workspace operators settle for a simple wireless setup and later regret it. There are many associated disadvantages with an open wireless network easily accessed with a common password that applies to everyone and is rarely changed. This simplistic set up is susceptible to unauthorized use and can lead to a potential nightmare for coworking operators. udaya provides secure flexible access by Mobile OTP, Social Media, and Scratch Cards.

Social profiling

Provision for Guest WiFi networks with social logins for specific events, conferences, or outside guests visiting your coworkers. The data collected about such users helps in building list of potential future coworkers for your spaces.

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