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Welcome to the world of advanced Wi-Fi management with our powerful udaya Wi-Fi Management Platform. Designed to simplify and optimize your wireless network, udaya offers a comprehensive suite of features for effortless management and enhanced user experiences.  

No more headaches with managing multiple access points, or paying for expensive hardware controllers. With Udaya, you can manage all aspects of your wireless network from one app.
udaya allows you to easily scale your network, add or remove access points, and make configuration changes with just a few clicks. Enjoy real-time visibility into your network’s performance, easily troubleshoot issues, and proactively optimize your Wi-Fi coverage. 



How it Works

4 Steps To Work Magic With Wireless

Plans are designed with businesses and locations in mind, so it’s really easy. Plus, you can change any time you like.

Plan the number of AP you need for your location. The good thumb rule is one per 500 ft2 or 45m2 with no major obstructions like concrete walls.

Install your zero-touch configuration udaya AP. Just connect it to the Internet and it will auto-configure.

udaya cloud offers pre-configured payment gateways, SMS messaging, login portal templates & more.

What Makes udaya Unique?

Keeping everyone connected & secure while easing network operations

Experts at Wi-Fi

With over 20 years of experience with some of the world’s largest public Wi-Fi deployments.

UDAYA provides
everything you need

Hardware, software and cloud all perfectly
tuned to work together from a single source.

Scalable Cloud

That allows your business to grow from a single AP to thousands with no change.

Single Subscription

Covers everything from cloud fees to hardware AMC with next business day replacement using express courier.

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Whatever your WiFi needs, there’s an udaya for that

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