Public Hotspots

Grow your network and gather valuable customer insight with free Wi-Fi at public places.


The udaya allows hotspot operators to manage hotspots from a central location. It incorporates all functions like splash pages, user authentication, hotspot monetization, monitoring, policy management, reporting and more.

When a user connect to Wi-Fi, a nice splash page with your logo will appear on their device. User may select preferred connection method, like Mobile OTP, social login or free access to start using Wi-Fi. You can redirect your users to offers, social media pages, App download, website, or other promotional content for engagement optimization. Every connection will be recorded and data provided in extensive analytics for better user understanding and marketing activities.

Hotspot operators can acustomize everything from splash page, data allowance, Wi-Fi time allowance, SSID, and more remotely. Get started today with our basic plan and scale-up as you grow-up.

How Public Hotspot Works ?


Monetize your Wi-Fi

The udaya provides a complete solution for hotspot operators to launch, monitor and control Wi-Fi services. You simply need to add Wi-Fi Access Points and an Internet connection to get your hotspot going. No technical knowledge is required.

While offering free Wi-Fi, you can get valuable user insights. udaya leverages the customer data captured so you can begin to understand who your customers really are by building detailed customer profiles, helping you drive meaningful marketing campaigns and get higher RO from your advertisement.

Bandwidth Management

You can easily manage your Wi-Fi bandwidth plan with udaya. Operators can set a speed limit per user, limit download volume and ensure fair bandwidth distribution. After a limited free access, you can also give your users the option of a paid superior bandwidth service.

Social Wi-Fi

Social login is the preferred Wi-Fi access method for many users. It enables users to connect to your Wi-Fi using their social media profiles, ensuring a quick and simple login. You can add social links to your custom splash pages encouraging users to interact with your brand and boosting your social media presence. While providing free Wi-Fi access, you can easily promote offers, events and announcement to your prospects and you will also gather valuable customer data for marketing campaigns.

Awesome Analytics

A centralized dashboard to show you connected users, their usage, audit, session logs and more; helping to understand how users interact and move around your location. Analyze and segment data including, customer demographics, preferred devices, browsers and operating systems and much more.

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