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Join our Partner Program and be a part of our mission to revolutionize Wi-Fi through cloud-powered solutions. We seek like-minded organizations committed to delivering fast, reliable, and affordable wireless internet worldwide. Through our program, we foster strong relationships and drive mutual business growth. We provide both technical and business support to help our partners succeed in their respective markets, by providing effective training, customer demos, product support, better profit margins, and rewards.

Partner with us to thrive in your market and seize the opportunities presented by the evolving Wi-Fi landscape. Together, let’s shape the future of connectivity and unlock new possibilities for success.

Systems Integrators

Ready for global/national companies who specialize in integration projects and wish to use udaya in their customer solutions. SI partnerships can be project-specific or long-term contractual commitments.

Premium Partner

Partnering with distributors or value-added resellers who wish to carry udaya as part of their portfolio. We work closely with PP extending pre-sales support and preferential pricing for solutions

Referral Partner

Have a lead for us? Referral partner work to bring a lead to fruition with our Direct Sales team doing all the heavy lifting. RP is entitled to deal in specific margins.

Benefits of our
partner program

  • Awesome Margins
  • Pre & Post Sales support
  • Product Training Website Listing
  • Co-branding Marketing & Sales Collateral
  • Brand Building
  • Lead Generation

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