About Us

Looking for versatile Wi-Fi management software? Look no further than Udaya, designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you run a large hotel chain, a cozy cafe, a bustling enterprise, or a local clinic, Udaya’s got you covered. 

Built by Inventum Technologies, a pioneer in high-speed routers, network security, and cloud-based services, Udaya leverages 20 years of expertise in Wi-Fi hotspot systems. With Inventum’s extensive experience in AAA infrastructure, revenue management, and Internet policy, Udaya offers a comprehensive solution for businesses like yours. 

Many businesses are unaware of the untapped potential of their Wi-Fi networks. Udaya goes beyond conventional Wi-Fi management software by providing innovative Wi-Fi marketing capabilities. It enables you to engage with your customers in a targeted manner, leveraging the valuable data generated when visitors connect to your free Wi-Fi. With Udaya, you can optimize the Wi-Fi experience and harness the power of customer analytics, just like online businesses do. 

Unlock the power of Wi-Fi marketing and customer engagement today. Experience the unmatched capabilities of Udaya Wi-Fi management software for businesses like yours. Maximize your online presence and drive business growth with Udaya. Choose the leading Wi-Fi management software for unparalleled results. To learn more, reach out to us.